Agnes & Sally

“The unobtrusive powers of this extraordinary writer make a cautionary tale of all too familiar real lives. Meshed in a web of deadpan cliche, this world is forever all dressed up with no place to go. Mr. Warsh should be our next President. He really knows the People.”

—Robert Creeley

Agnes & Sally is a fascinating polyphonic rendering of the mesh of daily life—written with clarity, calmness and sympathy.”

—Jonathan Cott

“Lewis Warsh has written a meticulously schemed novel of those aridpastures where men and women are trapped between desire and reality. The tug of their daily life is too strong for the pathetic forays they make into a larger world of romantic narrative. Unable to communicate with one another, frustrated and angry, they retire into their impotent
daydreams. In his wry and deadpan way, Warsh emphasizes that in the contemporary  world he has described, there are no Anna Kareninas, no Emma Bovary—only Agnes and Sally and their similarly bewildered mates, Jacob and Bob.”

—Barbara Guest

Agnes & Sally is a good book, not just because it makes you love people you might not otherwise notice, and not just because it makes you know what lives of quiet desperation are really like, and not just because the language of the book makes you listen closely a humor to the language we all speak to one anothe—Agnes & Sally is a good book because the book itself cares and looks and listens in ways that we all, if we would be good people, must care and look and listen.”

—Russell Banks

Agnes & Sally

1984, FC2/Black Ice Books

Paperback 111pp