The Origin of the World

“The discrete (though hardly discreet) sentences in Lewis Warsh’s new book actually merge to describe something like the origin of the world. As he says, ‘Connect the dots to create a picture of something unimaginable.’”

—John Ashbery

“Given the complexity of this world and all the myriad people who are in it, these poems are poignantly articulate experiments, which reach out endlessly, day or night, so as to feel another is still there too. If one could ever doubt, Lewis Warsh proves again that the world exists, even after all is said and done.”

—Robert Creeley

“It’s incumbent on us to watch closely and observe well—to do otherwise is to miss what’s happening. In this wonderful new book, Lewis Warsh sets out through a landscape swept with occurrence. As he looks about, somber image and glimpsed exegesis play off each other and the works unfold. Their lines flicker and figure; they resemble the light-images of which movies are made. They leap, fade,reappear — figuring out the world. As Lewis Warsh brilliantly reveals, this is the origin, always ongoing, of the world.”

—Lyn Hejinian

The Origin of the World

2001, Creative Arts Book Co.

Paperback 80pp