Ted’s Favorite Skirt

“The heroine is a hoops-shooting, Madame Bovary-reading American kid trying to figure it all out. As we follow Billie in and out of love, limning with her the edges of despair and hope, Warsh leads us deep into the ‘hum of human machinery’, a territory where all but essentials are weeded out. Part bildungsroman, part commentary on American life in the 80s, Ted’s Favorite Skirt is a trenchant, lovely, wonder.”

—Laird Hunt

“Lewis Warsh writes from a true and complex idea of experience, and does so in the certainty that we know what life is about. Ted’s Favorite Skirt, remarkable in its steady luminosity and insight, reveals the mystery—though not its solution—of how someone’s presence can weave itself into the fabric of our desires and remain there, long after the time shared with that person has passed, and thus become part of our fate.”

—Chuck Wachtel

Ted’s Favorite Skirt

2002, Spuyten Duyvil

Paperback 215pp